On Tuesday, March 28th, we got perhaps our most unique walk-in patient of all time at Associates in Primary Care Medicine.

Wandering in from the street, he helped himself into the building and demanded to be seen. Of course, always obliging of same day sick visits, we agreed and ushered him into an empty room right away.

While usually important information like your name, date of birth, and address needs to be documented, we had to make an exception in this case. This poor canine had unfortunately gotten loose and was lost amongst the city of Warwick. By some bizarre chance he rushed through our doors and into the office. Thankfully, our dog loving receptionist, Cindy, was on the case and was able to lend a helping hand. Sharing pictures of him over social media, she was able to get the word out regarding the situation and we're very happy to report that the dog was quickly reunited with its master.

While we don't have his name, we can tell you that the little guy was just six months old. His owner, who was relieved to have him back safe and sound, is actually a new patient of ours as well. We're sure the dog recommended us.