Julie Rousseau receives honor

Published 06/13/2018

Associates In Primary Care Medicine's Julie Rousseau, APRN-CNP, was recently awarded for her efforts in raising awareness towards domestic abuse. 

As part of her doctorate, Julie enlisted the assistance of two college students to develop a number of interactive games of her own design and conceptualization. Hosted on a web site she set up to better increase the visibility of her project, Date Safe, the games will soon be able to be used as phone apps as well. 

Julie's intention is to teach young adults about dating violence through the use of these games. The games have been designed to not only recognize when dating violence is occurring, but what to do to stop or prevent it if it's been identified. The games include a number of interactive scenarios, trivia, and action sequences. Her web site is also a resource of information for anybody concerned with domestic violence, as well as containing a number of helpful external links. 

For these efforts, Julie was recognized by Jennifer Ann's Group, a non-profit charity dedicated to preventing teen dating violence. Julie's games were awarded by Jennifer Ann's Group as part of their 2018 games of the year and will be hosted on their official website. 

"The game designers and I are excited and honored to have won in the Life Love Game Design Challenge" says Julie. "We are also proud to have the game displayed by Jennifer Ann's Group and be a part of their efforts to spread awareness and end dating and intimate partner violence."

Visit Julie's website here to play all of the games she's had developed and to learn more about dating and domestic violence.