Patient Centered Medical Home

Associates In Primary Care Medicine, Inc.

At Associates in Primary Care Medicine, we have dedicated ourselves to being a Patient Centered Medical Home. This means that we commit ourselves to the highest standards of quality for a primary care practice.

We have instituted rigorous processes to constantly evaluate and improve various aspects of patient care. We take the time to meet regularly in teams of multiple varieties to identify goals and improve our systems to meet these goals.

Many of these initiatives may not be at first obvious to patients, because it involves a lot of meetings outside of patient care; however, by adopting Patient Centered Medical Home principles, we can list the following accomplishments, among many others:

  • We measure and maintain high rates of screening for breast cancer, colon cancer, and cervical cancer, all of which saves lives.
  • Compared with other high performing practices, we measure and maintain high rates of good blood pressure control for our patients with high blood pressure, as well as good sugar control for diabetics.
  • We are helping more people than ever before quit smoking because we measure our counseling rates and have implemented systems to assist all smokers to quit this deadly habit.
  • By routinely screening for depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse, we help all our patients who suffer from these terrible diseases.
  • We improved communication and patient engagement via the Patient Portal to message back and forth, give test results (whether abnormal or not), and to provide care summaries from office visits.
  • We regularly perform anonymous surveys of patient and employee satisfaction to identify areas of improvement.
  • We are dedicated to working as a team that includes the doctors, nurse practitioners, our office manager, a registered nurse, medical assistants, a pharmacist, and a psychologist.
  • Free of charge to the vast majority of our patients, we offer the services of our nurse care manager, Pamela LeBlanc

Pamela LeBlanc​,

Nurse Care Manager

These are just a few examples of the many ways patient care is a Patient Centered Medical Home.  This is why we have been recognized repeatedly at the highest level of PCMH by the NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance).