Thank you for over 3 decades of looking after my health. Dr. Kerzer and associates are the best!!!! I will be with you until I take a dirt nap........ J.M.

J.P. was very pleased with the prompt attention given to her by our staff

Just wanted to say thank you for being so quick on filling my meds right in time for my vacation 💞 you and the staff are very helpful, you guys do a great job .. thanks again 💞




L.C. has brought her A1C down from 9.5 to 7.9!

Working with our Nurse Care Manager Pam LeBlanc on a monthly basis, L.C. also attended two of our group visits. She was part of our Diabetes Distress Group with psychologist Dr. David and Pam LeBlanc, and she also went to one of our Diabetes Groups hosted by Dr. Steinmetz and Pam.

L.C. states "I saw the look of concern on Dr. Kerzer's face when he told me my A1C was 9.5...the biggest help to getting control over my diabetes was meeting with Pam monthly."


Within six months of corresponding with our Nurse Care Manager, Pam, Eileen went from an A1C of 17 to 5.6!

77% of our diabetic patients have an A1C less than 8.0!

85% of our patients with hypertension are at goal!

“I have been with Dr. Kerzer for 22 years and he has never let me down. He always listens and answers all my questions. He is the best.” - P.H

"Dr. Kerzer has been my doctor for many years, he has always given me excellent care." - L.G.

"I have been a patient for a few years and the staff is helpful and Dr. Kerzer is great!" - B.W.

"This office is the best office I have been to, I'm so glad I switched doctors." - D.B.

"Now that I have a family of my own I see the value of having a doctor and group I can really trust." - P.B.

"I can always count on Dr. Kerzer to look out for me." - T.C.

"Dr. Steinmetz goes above and beyond the call for me. I can't believe how nice he is." - J.A.

"Julie has been my nurse for 5 years and I can't imagine seeing anybody else for my health care." - R.O.

"My kids love Julie." - S.V.

"I actually look forward to my visits with Dr. Steinmetz because he's always a pleasure." - R.F.


"I can't express my gratitude for how much our family trusted Dr. Kerzer for so many years. To me, he was family" - B.C.


"Thank you so much for the excellent care you provided for my mother. She adored you! Mom would always tell me about her appointments with you, and how much she loved you, your staff, and office. Your warmth and kindness, as well as your staff, gave her a quality of life that she enjoyed very much." - J.M.



Associates In Primary Care Medicine is also proud to serve in the education of medical professionals and has a proud history of future medical care providers learning from Dr. Kerzer, Dr. Steinmetz, and our NPs.

"I hope to one day work in a practice that is half as committed to patient care."former medical student B.R. "I am truly impressed by the level of dedication APCM has to its patients. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you took to be a part of my education. I learned a great deal on our days together."


Start A Healthy Habit Today

healthy habits

  • Write Down Your Goal
  • Keep Your Goal In A Visible Place
  • Start Small & Build Up
  • Be Consistent
  • Stay Positive
  • Congratulate Yourself Along The Way

 We have many tools & resources available to help you achieve your goals, including group visits!

 If You Hear A Bell Ring and Cheering While You Are In Our Office, It Means A Patient Met A Health Goal and We Are Celebrating Their Success!  Big or Small Every Goal Met Deserves Recognition.  Keep Up The Great Work!