Our patient portal is a fantastic resource that our patients can use to keep up to date on their healthcare and contact their provider personally. The portal is simple to use and once you take a few moments to become familiar with it, you'll have instant access to your most recent labs, images, billing information, and more.

Did you know you can use the portal to...

Contact your provider?
View your lab/test results?
Check your statements/pay your bills?
Modify your name, address, and insurance information?

Here are a few tips to get started with our patient portal and how to navigate it.


1. You should receive an email from Associates In Primary Care Medicine's Patient Portal that will provide you with a link to click on. Click on this link. If you don't see this email, you can go to the required link here.

2. This link will take you to the Patient Portal sign in. If this is your first time visiting this site, look on the right hand side of the screen and you will see a field to sign in. Underneath this field is the following text:

"Don't have a Patient Portal account?

Sign up today to stay connected to your health care."

3. Click on "Sign up today."

You will be taken to the Create Account page. Step one is where you Enter information about your account.

- Who will use this account? Tick off the appropriate box. If this account is for you, check "Patient". If this account is for a family member, check "Patient�s family member".

- Date of Birth: Set the month, date and year of your date of birth.

- Gender: Check the appropriate box for Male or Female.

- Email: Enter your email address. This is important to log back in to the Patient Portal in the future and to receive information from your provider.

- Phone Number: Enter your phone number and check the box next to it Yes if this number is for a cell phone or No if it is for a home phone (land line).

- The last item on this page is a final check box that must be checked off. After you do this a confirmation image will pop up asking you to identify a specific object - this is a security device to confirm you are a real person and not an automated robot. After you do this click on the Continue button.

4. You will be taken to the Verify Identity page. On the left side of the screen, you can select to have the system either send you an automated voice call or an automated text message, or alternatively have it emailed to your provided email address. Select your preference and click Send code. Stay on this page. Within a few moments you will receive a phone call, a text message, or an email depending on your choice from the system with a temporary passcode. The code is usually six digits. On the right side of the screen, enter the exact code that you were provided with and click Continue.

5. The final step involves setting your password. This will be the password you type in conjunction with your email address every time you log into the portal. Make sure it is safe, secure, and that you have it memorized or written down somewhere for future reference.


Once you log into the Portal, you'll see the following dashboard.

On the Appointments tab, you'll be brought to a page where you may schedule an upcoming appointment. You'll be able to request a reason for the appointment and our system will find the most convenient slot for you. There is also a list of past appointments you have had.

On the Messages tab, you will find a list of message you have received from our system. This can include anything from a reminder about an upcoming appointment, test results, a personal message from your provider, and more. Towards the top of this screen there is a button that says Compose Message; clicking on this will allow you to draft a message to send to our office, with options of sending a message to your provider or directly to office staff. Sending this message is much like sending an email.

The Billing tab is an incredibly useful page as it allows you to pay your office bills, along with viewing your payment history and past statements. The Payment Methods sub-page lets you add a credit card on file for quick, instant payments.

On the My Health page you will be able to directly view any recent (or past) test results you have had done that were ordered by our office. You can view your medications and request a refill with the click of a button for any of the medications you are taking. Care summaries will allow you to look at the complete office visit note of any office visit you've had in our office - simply select the date in question from the drop down menu.

The Vital signs page will show you your most recent vitals taken at our office, including height, weight, and blood pressure.

Medical forms will allow you to download a number of forms that our office utilizes. You may fill these out at your convenience to have them ready for your office visit. 

Finally, with the My Profile page, you can edit your registration with our office, which is useful if you have moved, changed your last name, or wish to change your emergency contact information. In My Notifications, you can set up your contact preferences for a number of topics, and select whether you can be text messaged these messages. Within Family Access, you can add a family member to your portal.